Posted by: Bryan McArdle | January 9, 2010

GenY Entrepreneurs: Gerbils

When you open your own business you will most likely be the accountant, manager, janitor, and the main employee. You will act as all the integral parts that make up a business. You will work every hour your business is open and in the hours when you are closed you will be out getting inventory, paying bills or just mentally preoccupied with all the worries and ideas that come with ownership. This is what my mom calls “the gerbil in the wheel.” Running as fast as you can and not getting anywhere. You know you are doing too much but fear that no one else can do it or are afraid to relinquish responsibility.

Entrepreneurs always have plenty of ideas. Once one starts you want to move on to the other. Let’s face it, we like keeping our plates full. But before you can move on to whatever new idea you have you have to get this monkey off your back. I’m not saying you should get lazy and move on. I’m saying that you should learn how to effectively manage your time and your business. You start with hiring a person to fulfill a task, to take over for any one of the many hats your are currently wearing. When that starts to work out you move on to another task. Eventually you will have put good people into those positions and they should be doing a better job than you were. Once you have the freedom now you can start focusing on how to grow you business or how you are going to make your current business better. I believe that the most successful businesses are the one that can run on their own because the team and model are set up for success.


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